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tables; two-sample Haga test of location
The rank statistic $H$ based on the number of exceeding observations in two samples is suitable for testing difference in location of two samples. This paper contains tables of one-sides significance levels $P\{H\geq k\}$ for $k=7,8,\ldots, 11; max (2,n-10)<m\leq n\leq 25, k=9,10,\ldots, 13; max(2,n-15)<m\leq n-10;13\leq n \leq 25; k=11,12,\ldots ,15; 2<m\leq n-15,18\leq n\leq 25$, which includes almost all practically used significance levels for $3\leq m \leq n \leq 25$, where $m,n$ are the sample sizes.
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[2] J. Hájek Z. Šidák: Theory of rank tests. Academia, Prague & Academic Press, New York - London, 1967. MR 0229351
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