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optimality conditions; existence of a local solution; contact cone approximations
The relation between the general optimality conditions in terms of contact cones and the Kuhn-Tucker conditions in the special case of pseudo-convex and quasi-convex functions and their consequence to Lagrangian multipliers are given.
[1] Jan Palata: First-order necessary condition for the existence of optimal point in nonlinear programming problem. Aplikace matematiky 25 (1980), 257-266. MR 0583586
[2] Jan Palata: Eine hinreichende Bedingung für die Existenz eines eindeutigen lokalen Extremums. Math. Operationsforsch. u. Statist. 11 (1980), No. 4, 531-536. DOI 10.1080/02331938008842684 | MR 0637315
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