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Euclidean geometry; hidden lines on a surface; algorithm
Many programs for the hidden lines on a surface are known [1] but these programs are long and need a large memory of the computer. In this paper we show algorithms and the corresponding mini-program in BASIC which can be implemented on minicomputers with plotters or plotting displays. We map the surface in the parallel or central projections.
[1] J. G. Griffith: Bibliography of Hidden-Line and Hidden Surface Algorithms. Computer-Aided Design, 3, 1978, 2, 3 - 8.
[2] J. Kateřiňák: Geometrické struktury a počítačová grafika. (Geometrie Structures and Computer Graphic). Výzkumná zpráva státního vědeckého úkolu I-5-4/13. VŠDS Žilina 1981 - -1985, 51 p.
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