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Chebyshev system; extremal points; iterative algorithm; Chebyshev approximations; numerical examples; $Q$-order of a convergent iterative method
The paper gives such an iterative method for special Chebyshev approxiamtions that its order of convergence is $\geq 2$. Somewhat comparable results are found in [1] and [2], based on another idea.
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[2] F. Kálovics: An agorithm for best Chebyshev approxmations. Annales. Univ. Sci. Budapestinensis, Sectio Computatorica, 6(1985), 19-25. MR 0915220
[3] J. M. Ortega W. C. Rheinboldt: Iterative Solutions of Nonlinear Equations in Several Variables. Academic Press, New York, 1970. MR 0273810
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