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Issue 2,  Volume 25, 1984 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

203-218 Remarks on certain uniform covering properties.  Fried, Jan; Hohti, Aarno
219-231 On some classes of compact spaces lying in $\Sigma$-products.  Sokolov, G. A.
233-246 Adequate families of sets and Corson compacts.  Leiderman, A. G.; Sokolov, G. A.
247-256 On subspaces of ultrabornological spaces.  Kąkol, Jerzy
257-260 A large $F_\sigma$-discrete Fréchet space having the Souslin property.  Uspenskij, Vladimir Vladimirovich
261-264 Pseudocompact spaces with a $\sigma$-point-finite base are metrizable.  Uspenskij, Vladimir Vladimirovich
265-272 Morse-Sard theorem for closed geodesics.  Souček, Jiří
273-281 Singular solutions to linear elliptic systems.  Souček, Jiří
283-286 Addendum to the paper: “Some fixed point theorems for multivalued mappings”.  Rzepecki, Bogdan
287-295 On continuous images of almost Tychonoff cubes.  Arhangel'skii, Aleksander V.; Činčura, J.
297-301 On certain Einstein space-time.  Gądek, B.; Heberlein, K.; Jakubowicz, A.
303-317 Isomorphisms of products of infinite connected graphs.  Trnková, Věra
319-323 A note on reflective subcategories defined by partial algebras.  Szigeti, Jenö
325-336 On solvability of the Stokes problem in Sobolev power weight spaces.  Voldřich, Josef
337-354 Über eine Klasse symmetrischer idealer Funktionenräume nebst Anwendungen.  Appell, Jürgen
355-362 On the radius of a set in a Hilbert space.  Daneš, Josef
363-364 Removable singularities of solutions of the heat equation with special growth.  Zlonická, Helena
364-365 A closed separable subspace not being a retract of $\beta N$.  Simon, Petr
365 Short branches in Rudin-Frolík order.  Butkovičová, Eva
365-368 Results on disjoint covering systems on the ring of integers.  Korec, Ivan
368-370 Distinguished subclasses of Čech-analytic spaces.  Frolík, Zdeněk
371-372 Svatopluk Fučík - *21.10.1944 - +18.5.1979.  
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