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Self-adjoint equation; reciprocal equation; property BD; principal solution; minimal differential operator.Supported by the Grant No. 201/93/0452 of the Czech Grant Agency
Let $L(y)=y^{(n)}+q_{n-1}(t)y^{(n-1)}+\dots +q_0(t)y,\,t\in [a,b)$, be an $n$-th order differential operator, $L^*$ be its adjoint and $p,w$ be positive functions. It is proved that the self-adjoint equation $L^*\bigl (p(t)L(y)\bigr ) =w(t)y$ is nonoscillatory at $b$ if and only if the equation $L\bigl (w^{-1}(t)L^*(y)\bigr )=p^{-1}(t)y$ is nonoscillatory at $b$. Using this result a new necessary condition for property BD of the self-adjoint differential operators with middle terms is obtained.
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