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oscillation; non-oscillation; neutral equations; asymptotic-behaviour
In this paper, the oscillation criteria for solutions of the neutral delay differential equation (NDDE) \[ \left( {y(t)-p(t)\, y({t-\tau } )} \right)^{(n )}+ \alpha \,Q(t)\,\,G\left( {y({t-\sigma })} \right)= f(t) \] has been studied where $p(t) = 1$ or $p(t) \le 0$, $\alpha =\pm 1$, $Q\in C \left([0, \infty ), R^{+}\right)$, $f \in C([0, \infty ), R)$, $G \in C(R, R)$. This work improves and generalizes some recent results and answer some questions that are raised in [1].
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