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MSC: 00A99
Malý, Marek: Studentized $m$-estimators and their $k$-step. Tran, Quoc Viet: Some adaptive estimators in regression models. Petkevič, Vladimír: An extended dependency based specification of underlying representations of sentences. Plecháč, Petr: Numerical analysis of Takens-Bogdanov points. Brzezina, Miroslav: Bases, essential bases and Wiener's criterion in balayage spaces. Kastrová, Jela: 10-vertices coloured 3-configurations and some quasigroup identities. Kottas, Jiří: On the regularity of weak solutions to elliptic problems. Neumann, Jan: Contribution to the spectral theory of variational inequalities. Herbst, Tomáš: Estimation of lifetime characteristics from censored samples proportion hazards model. Majeed, Kauwd Khalf: The projective special linear group $PSL(6,2^a)$. Rokyta, Mirko: Euler equations and their numerical solution by the finite volume method. Laušmanová, Monika: Asymptotic methods in the theory of stochastic controlled systems. Krupková, Olga: Variational analysis on fibered manifolds over one-dimensional basis. Čechová, Markéta: Estimations of the parameters in the linear processes. Málek, Josef: Non-newtonian incompressible fluids without memory.
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