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function space; topology of pointwise convergence
Arhangel'ski\v{\i} proved that if $X$ and $Y$ are completely regular spaces such that ${C_p (X)}$ and ${C_p (Y)}$ are linearly homeomorphic, then $X$ is pseudocompact if and only if $Y$ is pseudocompact. In addition he proved the same result for compactness, $\sigma $-compactness and realcompactness. In this paper we prove that if $\phi : {C_p (X)} \rightarrow {C_p (X)}$ is a continuous linear surjection, then $Y$ is pseudocompact provided $X$ is and if $\phi $ is a continuous linear injection, then $X$ is pseudocompact provided $Y$ is. We also give examples that both statements do not hold for compactness, $\sigma $-compactness and realcompactness.
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