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MSC: 00A99
Zhukavets, Natalia: Close 2-groups. Smolíková, Petra: Simple colorings and simple homomorphisms. Růžička, Pavel: Cofinal chains in module theory and representations of distributive lattices. Janečková, Hana: Time series with changing parameters. Večeř, Jan: Stochastic calculus in econometrics. Sváček, Petr: Finite element method for a problem with nonlinear boundary conditions. Dušek, Zdeněk: Harmonic analysis in Riemannian geometry. Śmídek, Michal: Measurability of sets of points of differentiability of functions Banach spaces. Klapka, Štěpán: Markov models in signalling systems. Hykšová, Magdalena: Karel Rychlík (1885-1968). Maxová, Jana: On oriented covers and decompositions of Eulerian graphs. Murtinová, Eva: Separation axioms in dense subsets. Franěk, Petr: Some problems of recursive methods in time series analysis. Čížek, Martin: The mathematical analysis of components of the risk in the insurance of persons. Mrkvička, Tomáš: Models of random sets and their statistical analysis.
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