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ultrafilter; $0$-point; summable ideal; linked family
\font\tenscr = rsfs10 \font\sevenscr = rsfs7 \font\fivescr = rsfs5 \textfont14=\tenscr \scriptfont14=\sevenscr \scriptscriptfont14=\fivescr \def\scr{\fam14} We construct in ZFC an ultrafilter $\scr U \in \Bbb N^{\ast}$ such that for every one-to-one function $f : \Bbb N\rightarrow \Bbb N$ there exists $U\in \scr U$ with $f[U]$ in the summable ideal, i.e. the sum of reciprocals of its elements converges. This strengthens Gryzlov's result concerning the existence of $0$-points.
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