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quasi-continuous function; cliquish function; Lebesgue function
Given a finite family of cliquish functions, $\A$, we can find a Lebesgue function $\alpha$ such that $f+ \alpha$ is Darboux and quasi-continuous for every $f \in\A$. This theorem is a generalization both of the theorem by H. W. Pu & H. H. Pu and of the theorem by Z. Grande.
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[3] H. W. Pu, H. H. Pu: On representations of Baire functions in a given family as sums of Baire Darboux functions with a common summand. Časopis Pěst. Mat. 112 (1987), no. 3, 320-326. MR 0905979 | Zbl 0646.26004
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