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Title: Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of some linear delay differential equations (English)
Author: Čermák, Jan
Language: English
Journal: Mathematica Bohemica
ISSN: 0862-7959 (print)
ISSN: 2464-7136 (online)
Volume: 125
Issue: 3
Year: 2000
Pages: 355-364
Summary lang: English
Category: math
Summary: In this paper we investigate the asymptotic properties of all solutions of the delay differential equation y'(x)=a(x)y(\tau(x))+b(x)y(x),\qquad x\in I=[x_0,\infty). We set up conditions under which every solution of this equation can be represented in terms of a solution of the differential equation z'(x)=b(x)z(x),\qquad x\in I and a solution of the functional equation |a(x)|\varphi(\tau(x))=|b(x)|\varphi(x),\qquad x\in I. (English)
Keyword: asymptotic behaviour
Keyword: differential equation
Keyword: delayed argument
Keyword: functional equation
MSC: 34K15
MSC: 34K25
MSC: 39B05
MSC: 39B22
MSC: 39B99
idZBL: Zbl 0972.34066
idMR: MR1790126
DOI: 10.21136/MB.2000.126125
Date available: 2009-09-24T21:44:21Z
Last updated: 2020-07-29
Stable URL:
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