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derived operations; isotopy; quasigroups; position condition; regular universal identity; identities; $3$-basic quasigroups; universal identity; $3$-basic quasigroup identity
The paper deals with quasigroup identities under isotopies. The terminology is taken from [2], [3] and [4]. Stimulated by geometric illustrations, V. D. Belousov in [2] has presented two important identity properties and posed a question for which identities these properties are necessary and sufficient for the identity to be invariant under isotopies. Inspired by V. D. Belousov, G. Monoszová investigated in [6] one special kind of identities for which both Belousov's properties give necessary and sufficient conditions for the identity to be invariant under isotopies. Our purpose is to amend Belousov's properties to such ones which guarantee the identity invariance under isotopies for general identities. We also show a close connection between quasigroup identities invariant under isotopies and $3$-basic quasigroup identities.
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