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Let $E$ be a real linear space. A vectorial inner product is a mapping from $E\times E$ into a real ordered vector space $Y$ with the properties of a usual inner product. Here we consider $Y$ to be a $\mathcal B$-regular Yosida space, that is a Dedekind complete Yosida space such that $\bigcap _{J\in {\mathcal B}}J=\lbrace 0 \rbrace $, where $\mathcal B$ is the set of all hypermaximal bands in $Y$. In Theorem 2.1.1 we assert that any $\mathcal B$-regular Yosida space is Riesz isomorphic to the space $B(A)$ of all bounded real-valued mappings on a certain set $A$. Next we prove Bessel Inequality and Parseval Identity for a vectorial inner product with range in the $\mathcal B$-regular and norm complete Yosida algebra $(B(A),\sup _{\alpha \in A}|x(\alpha )|)$.
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