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quasilinear elliptic; singularity; Sobolev function
We consider a quasilinear elliptic problem whose left-hand side is a Leray-Lions operator of $p$-Laplacian type. If $p<\gamma <N$ and the right-hand side is a Radon measure with singularity of order $\gamma $ at $x_0\in \Omega $, then any supersolution in $W_{\mathrm loc}^{1,p}(\Omega )$ has singularity of order at least $\frac{(\gamma -p)}{(p-1)}$ at $x_0$. In the proof we exploit a pointwise estimate of $\mathcal A$-superharmonic solutions, due to Kilpeläinen and Malý, which involves Wolff’s potential of Radon’s measure.
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