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Liapounov instability; $h$-instability; instability of delay equations; nonconstant delays
The unstable properties of the linear nonautonomous delay system $x^{\prime }(t)=A(t)x(t)+B(t)x(t-r(t))$, with nonconstant delay $r(t)$, are studied. It is assumed that the linear system $y^{\prime }(t)=(A(t)+B(t))y(t)$ is unstable, the instability being characterized by a nonstable manifold defined from a dichotomy to this linear system. The delay $r(t)$ is assumed to be continuous and bounded. Two kinds of results are given, those concerning conditions that do not include the properties of the delay function $r(t)$ and the results depending on the asymptotic properties of the delay function.
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