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semigroup; natural partial order; group congruence; anticone; pivot elements; partially ordered groups; principal order ideals
A semigroup $S$ is called a generalized $F$-semigroup if there exists a group congruence on $S$ such that the identity class contains a greatest element with respect to the natural partial order $\le _{S}$ of $S$. Using the concept of an anticone, all partially ordered groups which are epimorphic images of a semigroup $(S,\cdot ,\le _{S})$ are determined. It is shown that a semigroup $S$ is a generalized $F$-semigroup if and only if $S$ contains an anticone, which is a principal order ideal of $(S,\le _{S})$. Also a characterization by means of the structure of the set of idempotents or by the existence of a particular element in $S$ is given. The generalized $F$-semigroups in the following classes are described: monoids, semigroups with zero, trivially ordered semigroups, regular semigroups, bands, inverse semigroups, Clifford semigroups, inflations of semigroups, and strong semilattices of monoids.
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