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variance components; approximate confidence intervals; mixed linear model
We consider a construction of approximate confidence intervals on the variance component $\sigma ^2_1$ in mixed linear models with two variance components with non-zero degrees of freedom for error. An approximate interval that seems to perform well in such a case, except that it is rather conservative for large $\sigma ^2_1/\sigma ^2,$ was considered by Hartung and Knapp in [hk]. The expression for its asymptotic coverage when $\sigma ^2_1/\sigma ^2\rightarrow \infty $ suggests a modification of this interval that preserves some nice properties of the original and that is, in addition, exact when $\sigma ^2_1/\sigma ^2\rightarrow \infty .$ It turns out that this modification is an interval suggested by El-Bassiouni in [eb]. We comment on its properties that were not emphasized in the original paper [eb], but which support use of the procedure. Also a small simulation study is provided.
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