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Issue 3,  Volume 43, 1993 (Mathematica Slovaca)

265-276 Suites équivalentes.  Grekos, Georges
277-292 Mild law of large numbers and its consequences.  Mohapl, Jaroslav
293-299 On a theorem of Browder.  Grande, Zbigniew
301-307 Weak solutions of a boundary value problem for nonlinear ordinary differential equation of second order in Banach spaces.  Ozdarska, Danuta; Szufla, Stanisław
309-315 On $sigma$-statistically convergence and lacunary $sigma$-statistically convergence.  Savaş, Ekrem; Nuray, Fatih
317-325 On two summability methods.  Sarigöl, Ali M.; Bor, Hüseyin
327-336 Fixed points of asymptotically regular mappings.  Górnicki, Jarosław
337-340 Note on a generalization of the generalized vector field problem.  Korbaš, Július
341-344 On the torsion groups of the cobordism groups of immersions.  Szücs, András
345-355 Topological entropy and variation for transitive maps.  Bobok, Jozef; Kuchta, Milan
357-362 Periodic orbits of certain Hénon-like maps.  Fečkan, Michal
363-370 Estimation of the variance components in the linear regression model.  Stuchlý, Jaroslav
371-380 Vector-valued fuzzy measures on fuzzy quantum posets.  Long, Le Ba
381-392 Eduard Čech, 1893-1960.  Balcar, Bohuslav; Koutník, Václav; Simon, Petr
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