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Issue 2,  Volume 49, 1999 (Mathematica Slovaca)

129-135 On the minimum number of components in a cotree of a graph.  Škoviera, Martin
137-141 Diagonalizable embedding of composition graphs.  Abu-Sbeih, Moh'd Z.
143-153 The fields of degree seven over rationals with a normal basis generated by a unit.  Dvořák, Antonín; Jedelský, David; Kostra, Juraj
155-182 Control and separating points of modular functions.  Avallone, Anna; Barbieri, Giuseppina; Cilia, Raffaella
183-187 Radial type solutions for a class of third order equations and their iterates.  Altin, Abdullah
189-199 Convergence preserving permutations of $\Bbb N$ and Fréchet's space of permutations of $\Bbb N$.  Červeňanský, Jaroslav; Šalát, Tibor
201-208 A note on summability methods.  Seyhan, Hikmet
209-222 On property $K$ in $F$-spaces.  Burzyk, Józef; Kamiński, Andrzej
223-224 On a theorem of Popa and Noiri on multifunctions.  Cao, Jiling; Dontchev, Julian
225-227 Note on the mappings of complex projective spaces.  Szücs, András
229-233 A version of the strong law of large numbers universal under mappings.  Plachky, Detlef
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