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max-min algebra; interval system; T6-vector; weak T6 solvability; strong T6 solvability; T7-vector; weak T7 solvability; strong T7 solvability
Max-min algebra is an algebraic structure in which classical addition and multiplication are replaced by $\oplus$ and $\otimes$, where $a\oplus b=\max\{a,b\},\ a\otimes b=\min\{a,b\}$. The notation $\mathbf{A}\otimes \mathbf{x}=\mathbf{b}$ represents an interval system of linear equations, where $\mathbf{A}=[\underline{A},\overline{A}]$, $\mathbf{b}=[\underline{b},\overline{b}]$ are given interval matrix and interval vector, respectively, and a solution is from a given interval vector $\mathbf{x}=[\underline{x},\overline{x}]$. We define six types of solvability of max-min interval systems with bounded solution and give necessary and sufficient conditions for them.
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