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Title: A new one-step smoothing newton method for second-order cone programming (English)
Author: Tang, Jingyong
Author: He, Guoping
Author: Dong, Li
Author: Fang, Liang
Language: English
Journal: Applications of Mathematics
ISSN: 0862-7940 (print)
ISSN: 1572-9109 (online)
Volume: 57
Issue: 4
Year: 2012
Pages: 311-331
Summary lang: English
Category: math
Summary: In this paper, we present a new one-step smoothing Newton method for solving the second-order cone programming (SOCP). Based on a new smoothing function of the well-known Fischer-Burmeister function, the SOCP is approximated by a family of parameterized smooth equations. Our algorithm solves only one system of linear equations and performs only one Armijo-type line search at each iteration. It can start from an arbitrary initial point and does not require the iterative points to be in the sets of strictly feasible solutions. Without requiring strict complementarity at the SOCP solution, the proposed algorithm is shown to be globally and locally quadratically convergent under suitable assumptions. Numerical experiments demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of our algorithm. (English)
Keyword: second-order cone programming
Keyword: smoothing Newton method
Keyword: global convergence
Keyword: quadratic convergence
Keyword: Fischer-Burmeister function
Keyword: Euclidean Jordan algebra
Keyword: local quadratic convergence
MSC: 49M15
MSC: 49M37
MSC: 65K05
MSC: 65Y20
MSC: 90C25
MSC: 90C30
MSC: 90C46
MSC: 90C53
idZBL: Zbl 1265.90229
idMR: MR2984606
DOI: 10.1007/s10492-012-0019-6
Date available: 2012-08-19T21:39:23Z
Last updated: 2020-07-02
Stable URL:
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