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Issue 1,  Volume 54, 2013 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-3 A note on loops of square-free order.  Leppälä, Emma; Niemenmaa, Markku
5-19 The two-parameter class of Schröder inversions.  Schröder, Joachim
21-40 Measures of noncompactness in locally convex spaces and fixed point theory for the sum of two operators on unbounded convex sets.  Banaś, Józef; Ben Amar, Afif
41-51 Thinness and non-tangential limit associated to coupled PDE.  Benyaiche, Allami; Ghiate, Salma
53-68 Fixed-place ideals in commutative rings.  Aliabad, Ali Rezaei; Badie, Mehdi
69-82 Diagonals and discrete subsets of squares.  Burke, Dennis; Tkachuk, Vladimir V.
83-96 Spaces not distinguishing pointwise and $\mathcal{I}$-quasinormal convergence.  Das, Pratulananda; Chandra, Debraj
97-104 Remarks on strongly star-Menger spaces.  Song, Yan-Kui
105-110 Lonely points revisited.  Verner, Jonathan L.
111-117 Involutive birational transformations of arbitrary complexity in Euclidean spaces.  Dušek, Zdeněk; Kowalski, Oldřich
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