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Although the exact title translation is "LYX - how to?", I really discourage all readers who wish to skim this paper as a prompt cook-book. Actually I have never been thinkin' of making either LYXDocumentation or Tips & Tricks carbon-copy. There's no doubt that the LYXTeam, and many other contributors did an excelent job. The documentation to LYXitself is done exceedingly good, however I felt there are some gaps in the typographic knowledge remain to be filled. In fact this is the reason why I tried to develop the bridges between typographic art and particular typesetting system. By the way I just wanted to introduce LYXin a bright light and make its description interesting for both - the very beginners and regular LATEXusers. The content of the paper may be simply characterized by the message: "Lyx is not a toy for kids, but the powerfull tepesetting engine front-end". Hope that this message is clear for all readers. The power of LYXhas been demonstrated on many examples. Most of them raised from my own requirements which involve in technical typesetting and presentation tools creation. When using the LYX - this can be simply done at the same place. It was also shown that LYXcan easily cover many of advanced users requirements and wide range of customizations. There is also a single section dedicated to the Czech localization. Even thought this paper was originally tailored to the LYXversion 1.1.6fix4, some parts had been rewriten due to the version 1.2.0 quick release.
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