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The article presents an original solution of three challenging typographic tasks by means of TeX's macrolanguage.The reader can find here not only a detailed description of the sophisticated macros but also a number of recommendations concerning typography. 1. In Czech typography, the interval dash cannot stand at the end of a line nor can it be moved to the beginning of the following line.If the split between lines is inevitable, the dash is replaced by a word. While writing a macro for the interval dash, it is necessary to overcome a certain disadvantage of the command \discretionary, namely that it does not allow to append glue to the current list, as the word which replaces the dash has to be separated from the text by a space, while the dash is not separated. 2. The setting of the whole first line of a paragraph in capitals (or possibly in a different font) can be applied at the beginning of individual chapters. 3. For hanging hyphenation, the TeXbook recommends to use a special font with zero-width \hyphenchar.The solution of this typographic task can, however, be achieved using an ordinary font with real-width \hyphenchar.
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