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Title: Über einen kurventheoretischen Satz von Ayres (German)
Title: On Ayres theorem from the theory of curves (English)
Author: Čech, Eduard
Language: German
Info: Erg. Koll. Wien 5 (1933), 24-25
Pages: 24-25
Category: math
MSC: 54F50
Note: The "Ergebnisse eines Mathematischen Kolloquiums" were published by an Austrian mathematician Karl Menger (with the collaboration of Kurt Godel, Georg Nobeling, Abraham Wald and Franz Alt) in eight issues during the years 1929 to 1937. They contained papers by Menger, Godel, Tarski, Wald, Wiener, John von Neumann and many others, including Eduard Čech. Due to political circumstances, the distribution of the Ergebnisse was very limited. All issues of the Ergebnisse were republished in a book by Springer in 1998. (English)
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