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Differential Equations and Their Applications
Proceedings of the Conference held in Bratislava in September 1966

Editor: Šeda, Valter
Venue: Bratislava, 1966

Publisher: Slovenské pedagogické nakladateľstvo, Bratislava, 1967
Series: Acta Facultatis Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Comenianae. Mathematica, XVII

MSC: 34.00, 35.00

Table of Contents

Comprehensive lectures presented in sections
163-172 Axiomatization of differential equation theory.  Hájek, O.
173-191 Invariant manifolds for discrete systems.  Halanay, A.
193-199 On ordinary linear differential equations of high order.  Hornich, H.
201-212 On the transformation of linear homogenous differential equations of the $n$-th order.  Hustý, Z.
213-215 On bounded solutions of a certain differential equation.  Neuman, F.
217-220 Asymptotic formulas for the solutions of the equation (py')' + qy = 0.  Ráb, M.
221-235 An application of Green's function in the differential equations.  Šeda, V.
237-242 Extension of the averaging method to stochastic equations.  Vrkoč, Ivo
243-248 A general method of majorating of Dirichlet problem solutions.  Alexandrov, A. D.
249-272 Structure of Green's operators and estimates for the corresponding eigenvalues.  Fichera, G.
273-279 On the linear and quasilinear parabolic equations.  Ladyzenskaya, O. A.
281-287 Some applications of the second method of Liapunov to dynamical systems described by partial differential equations.  Parks, P. C.
289-292 Non-expansive mappings in convex linear topological spaces.  DePrima, C. R.
293-300 Periodic solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations of evolution.  Vejvoda, O.
301-305 Discretisation and error estimates for elliptic boundary value problems of the fourth order.  Zlámal, M.
307-314 On some functions which verify differential inequalities.  Popoviciu, T.
315-322 Stability of numerical processes.  Práger, M.; Vitásek, E.
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