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Abstracta. 6th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editor: Frolík, Z.
Venue: Michlův Mlýn, Krkonoše, 1978

Publisher: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1978

Table of Contents

1 Foreword.  
2-3 [List of] participants. Section of analysis.  
4-5 [List of] participants. Section of Topology.  
6-8 Addresses.  
9-10 List of talks in section of analysis.  
11 List of talks in section of topology.  
13-15 Some combinatorial questions related to measure theory.  Bandt, Christoph
17 Existence of non measurable sets.  Bukovský, Lev
19-23 A short survey on stable convex sets.  Clausing, A.
25-27 Theory of Frechet cones and nonlinear analysis.  Fabian, M.
29-34 Some remarks on Caratheodory construction of measures in metric spaces.  Feiste, U.
35-36 Sequential completeness versus Čech - completeness.  Frič, R.
37-44 Extremal preimage measures and measurable weak sections.  Graf, Siegfried
45-48 On Ulam's problem on families of measures.  Grzegorek, E.
49-54 On strong mixing and weak convergence for groups of operators.  Iwanik, A.
55-59 A general topology approach to the study of differentiability of convex functions in Banach spaces.  Kenderov, P.
61-62 On semigroups of operators generated by second order differential operators on Lie groups.  Kisyński, Jan
63-66 Extreme extensions of positive operators.  Lipecki, Z.
67-70 Automatic continuity of translation - invariant linear operators.  Neumann, Michael
71-73 Problems concerning weak Asplund spaces.  Phelps, R. R.
75-76 Cartesian-closed coreflective subcategories of uniform spaces.  Rice, M. D.; Tashjian, Gloria J.
77-79 Model theoretic approach to topological functors.  Rosický, Jiří
81 Introduction to constructive quantum field theory.  Stegall, Charles
83-85 On concrete functors in uniform spaces.  Vilímovský, Jiří
87-90 $\Delta$ -closed graph theorem.  Wilhelm, M.
91-95 The algebraic formulation of the axioms quantum field theory.  Yngvason, Jakob
97-99 Positivity Properties of Measures in Euclidean Quantum Field Theory.  Yngvason, Jakob
101-103 On the points of multivaluedness of monotone operators.  Zajíček, L.
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