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Proceedings of the 11th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editor: Frolík, Zdeněk
Organized by: Mathematical Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
Venue: Železná Ruda, 1983

Publisher: Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Palermo, 1984
Series: Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Serie II, Supplemento No. 3


Table of Contents

[9] Foreword.  Frolík, Zdeněk
10-11 [List of] participants. Section of analysis.  
12-13 [List of] participants. Section of topology.  
[15]-21 $M$-Structure (a survey).  Behrends, Ehrhard
[23]-45 On the section of a lattice–covering of balls.  Bezdek, A.
[47]-54 Irreducible images of $\beta N-N$.  Błaszczyk, A.
55-70 Cauchy-Kowalewski theorems in Clifford analysis : a survey.  Brackx, F.; Delanghe, R.; Sommen, F.
[71]-80 A universal function for continuous functions.  Bukovský, L.; Butkovičová, E.
[81]-87 Some integral formulas in complex Clifford analysis.  Bureš, Jarolím
[89]-96 On strongly connected $T_0$ spaces.  Guido, Cosimo
[97]-118 A brief introduction to the monopole.  Corrigan, E.
[119]-126 Homotopy and homology in pretopological spaces.  Demaria, Davide Carlo; Bogin, Garbaccio Rosanna
[127]-132 Quantization on submanifolds.  Doebner, H. D.; Tolar, J.
[133]-137 Convergent sequences in $\beta X$.  Frič, Roman; Vojtáš, Peter
[139]-140 Open cover of a metric space admits $l_{\infty }$-partition of unity.  Fried, Jan
[141]-147 Groups of diffeomorphisms and Lie theory.  Grabowski, Janusz
[149]-155 On the representation of norm attaining positive operators on $L^p [0,1]$.  Grząślewicz, Ryszard
[157]-160 Why extended numbers in supersymmetry.  Hrubý, J.
[161]-164 An inductive approach to the Pirogov-Sinai theory.  Kotecký, Roman; Preiss, David
[165]-168 On WCG Banach spaces with norms which are uniformly differentiable in every direction.  Kutzarova, D. N.; Troyanski, S. L.
[169]-175 Some remarks on the cohomology of the Poisson algebra.  Lecomte, P. B. A.
[177]-183 Long range rotators.  Messager, A.; Miracle-Sole, S.; Picco, P.; Ruiz, J.
[185]-189 Some remarks on Ramsey matroids.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Poljak, Svatopluk; Turzík, Daniel
[191]-196 Note on canonizing ordering theorems for Hales Jewett structures.  Nešetřil, J.; Prömel, H. J.; Rödl, V.; Voigt, B.
[197]-200 An elementary approach to some applications of nonstandard analysis.  Neubrunn, T.; Riečan, B.; Riečanová, Z.
[201]-208 Flows in infinite networks.  Neumann, Michael M.
[209]-217 Symmetric $p$-normed space for $0<p<1$.  Popa, Nicolae
[219]-223 Stronger estimates of smallness of sets of Frechet nondifferentiability of convex functions.  Preiss, D.; Zajíček, L.
[225]-229 On centers and state spaces of logics.  Pták, Pavel
[231]-235 On the products of quantum logics.  Pulmannová, Sylvia
[237]-247 Applications of combinatorics to statics – a survey.  Recski, András
[249]-262 Cauchy-Kowalewski extension theorems and representations of analytic functionals acting over special classes of real n-dimensional submanifolds of $C^(n+1)$.  Ryan, John
[263]-291 Microfunctions with values in a Clifford algebra 1.  Sommen, F.
[293]-299 $\bold H$-valued differential forms on $\bold H$.  Souček, Vladimír
[301]-306 Dirac monopole derived from representation theory.  Šťovíček, Pavel
[307]-320 Horizontal maps with homogeneity condition.  Szilasi, József
[321]-328 Some applications of tiny sequences.  Szymański, Andrzej
[329]-337 Relations between Finsler and affine connections.  Tamássy, L.; Kis, B.
[339]-359 A common generalization of binomial coefficients, Stirling numbers and Gaussian Coefficientes.  Voigt, B.
[361]-368 Boolean games – Classifying strategies and omitting cardinality assumptions.  Vojtáš, Peter
[369]-373 Sixty questions on regular not paracompact spaces.  Watson, Stephen W.
[375]-379 Weak fixed point property and Banach lattices.  Whitfield, J. H. M.
[381]-384 A note on the extension of weak Radon measures on locally convex spaces to strong Radon measures.  Winkler, Gerhard
[385]-395 Polya's theorem for non-entire functions.  Yoshino, Kunio
[397]-401 An alternate approach to the Pirogov – Sinai theory, not employing the models with a parameter.  Zahradník, Miloš
[403]-410 A generalization of an Ekeland-Lebourg theorem and the differentiability of distance functions.  Zajíček, L.
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