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The digitization of papers born in the print-only era is vital for the health of the mathematical record. Many large scale retrodigitization projects are underway and, at this point, probably more that half of the mathematical history has been finished. Many smaller journals and books remain to be done. This paper gives a framework within which these may also be completed. It uses the digitization of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics (53,000 pages), completed as a one-man project over a few months, as the working example. The project described herein not only may be used as a model for similar efforts but also indicates some interesting problems yet to be solved.
1. The home web site for ArXiv is and is hosted by the Cornell University Library. The history of ArXiv is given in the article at
3. Dennis, Keith: has had some encouraging results using Perl scripts developed by his working group at Cornell. His software has only been circulated informally. Zbl 0527.16007
4. Dennis, K., Michler, G. O., Schneider, G., Suzuki, M.: Automatic reference linking in distributed digital libraries. CVPRW 2003, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop, paper #26, Volume 3 (Workshop on Document Image Analysis and Retrieval), 5 pp. (2003).
5. Ewing, J.: Measuring Journals. Notices of the AMS, 1049–1053, (2006). Zbl 1142.00304
6. The project location is
9. A full description of this project is at
12. The home page for this software is
13. Documentation for the hyperref package can be found both at and at
14. specifically translates LaTeX to XML.
15. contains a list of the standard character names.
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