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Metadata Editor; DML-CZ
The aim of the DML-CZ project (2005–2009 — Czech Academy of Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic) is to investigate, develop and apply techniques, methods and tools that would allow the creation of the Czech Digital Mathematics Library. The most important tool developed and used in the course of the project is the Metadata Editor — a complex web-based system supporting all essential steps in the development of the article oriented digital library: integration of scanned pages (journals, proceedings, monographs) into hierarchical structures, article building, detailed metadata description up to the level of articles and book chapters, article bibliography references processing and linking, name authority management, inclusion of born-digital material, automated metadata verification, and generation of the resulting PDF papers. The rights management in combination with the remote access enable to distribute the work of a digital library among many people with different levels of expertise. Building a library of more than 15,000 articles proved the soundness of the Metadata Editor architecture and implementation. An overview of the system architecture and functionality is briefly revealed in our paper.
1. DML-CZ: Czech Digital Mathematics Library.
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