The first seminar Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics took place in 1983, the second one in 1984. Since then it has been organized biannualy in different places in the Jizera Mountains in North Bohemia. The objective of this series of seminars is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing advanced topics in numerical analysis, computer implementation of algorithms, new approaches to mathematical modeling, and also multiprocessor applications of computational methods.


PANM 12:  Proceedings of 12th conference, Dolní Maxov, 2004
PANM 13:  Proceedings of 13th conference, Prague, 2006
PANM 14:  Proceedings of 14th conference, Dolní Maxov, 2008
PANM 15:  Proceedings of 15th conference, Dolní Maxov, 2010
PANM 16:  Proceedings of 16th conference, Dolní Maxov, 2012
PANM 17:  Proceedings of 17th conference, Dolní Maxov, 2014
PANM 18:  Proceedings of 18th conference, Janov nad Nisou, 2016
PANM 19:  Proceedings of 19th conference, Hejnice, 2018
PANM 20:  Proceedings of 20th conference, Hejnice, 2020
PANM 21:  Proceedings of 21st conference, Jablonec nad Nisou, 2022
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