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Title: Minimization of a convex quadratic function subject to separable conical constraints in granular dynamics (English)
Author: Pospíšil, Lukáš
Author: Dostál, Zdeněk
Language: English
Journal: Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics
Volume: Proceedings of Seminar. Dolní Maxov, June 8-13, 2014
Issue: 2014
Pages: 175-180
Category: math
Summary: The numerical solution of granular dynamics problems with Coulomb friction leads to the problem of minimizing a convex quadratic function with semidefinite Hessian subject to a separable conical constraints. In this paper, we are interested in the numerical solution of this problem. We suggest a modification of an active-set optimal quadratic programming algorithm. The number of projection steps is decreased by using a projected Barzilai-Borwein method. In the numerical experiment, we compare our algorithm with Accelerated Projected Gradient method and Spectral Projected Gradient method on the solution of a particle dynamics problem with hundreds of spherical bodies and static obstacles. (English)
Keyword: constrained optimization
Keyword: convex quadratic function
Keyword: granular dynamics
Keyword: Coulomb friction
Keyword: modified proportioning with gradient projection
Keyword: Barzilai-Borwein method
MSC: 65K05
MSC: 74M10
MSC: 74M15
MSC: 90C20
MSC: 90C90
Date available: 2015-04-20T06:15:16Z
Last updated: 2015-04-20
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