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MSC: 76R50
column experiment; tracing test; groundwater modelling; sorption
This paper presents the modelling of tracing tests in column experiments. Program Transport was used for the simulation. Its main function is not to predict results of experiments but to compare influence of individual physical and chemical processes to the experiment results. The one-dimensional advection-diffusion model is based on Finite Volume Method; it includes the triple porosity concept, sorption, retardation, and chemical reactions simulated using connected program React from The Geochemist's Workbench package or PhreeqC. The program Transport simulates not only the processes inside the column but also preparation of entering solutions and measurement methods of outgoing solution parameters. Features of the program Transport allow a more precise simulation of the ongoing action and study the interaction of tested solutions and rocks. In the last chapter we introduce a simple example of using the program Transport to study a physical phenomenon inside column. It is sorption of sodium ions on colloidal particles of the quartz sand.
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