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Title: Three-dimensional numerical model of neutron flux in hex-Z geometry (English)
Author: Hanuš, Milan
Author: Berka, Tomáš
Author: Brandner, Marek
Author: Kužel, Roman
Author: Matas, Aleš
Language: English
Journal: Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics
Volume: Proceedings of Seminar. Dolní Maxov, June 1-6, 2008
Issue: 2008
Pages: 83-90
Category: math
Summary: We present a method for solving the equations of neutron transport with discretized energetic dependence and angular dependence approximated by the diffusion theory. We are interested in the stationary solution that characterizes neutron fluxes within the nuclear reactor core in an equilibrium state. We work with the VVER-1000 type core with hexagonal fuel assembly lattice and use a nodal method for numerical solution. The method effectively combines a whole-core coarse mesh calculation with a more detailed computation of fluxes based on the transverse integrated diffusion equations. By this approach, it achieves a good balance between accuracy and speed. ()
MSC: 82D75
idZBL: Zbl 1206.82154
Date available: 2015-09-08T11:34:14Z
Last updated: 2015-12-04
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