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This work is focused on a weak solution of a coupled physical task of the microwave wood drying process with stress-strain effects and moisture/temperature dependency. Due to the well known weak solutions for the individual physical fields, the author concerns with the coupled stress-strain relation coupled with the moisture and temperature distributions. For the scale dependency the subgrid upscaling method was used. The solved region is assumed to be divided into discontinuous subregions according to the investigated scale. This approach suggests sequential type of solution for highly coupled tasks. This way, very huge structures (huge with regard to the geometry and also physics) can be solved in the reasonable time and with reasonable memory consumptions. Main emphasis was put on evaluation of the structural response of the whole complex. Due to the influence of the moisture, temperature, and time, the coupled physical task of the structural response is solved. Suggested approach is of course usable not only for the structural response, but also for the other physical fields, which were taken into account. The weak solution is based on a slight modification of the Ritz-Galerkin method.
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