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vector field; visualisation; coloring; line of force; animation; Maple
Modern computer algebra software can be used to visualize vector fields. One of the most used is the Maple program. This program is used to visualize two and three-dimensional vector fields. The possibilities of plotting direction vectors, lines of force, equipotential curves and the method of colouring the surface area for two-dimensional cases are shown step by step. For three-dimensional arrays, these methods are applied to various slices of three-dimensional space, such as a plane or a cylindrical surface. Finally, the temporal evolution of the vector fields is illustrated by animations based on the above methods. In contrast to the publication [2], which deals only with the problem of colouring vector fields, the present paper makes a completely comprehensive study of the problem, including the representation of vectors in a predefined network, the computation of the shape of power lines, and the animation of time changes, including the animation of the coloured vector fields.
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