The complete set of digitized works by mathematician Matyáš Lerch (1860–1922) made available.

DML-CZ already contains over 38,000 items (articles and book chapters) with 419,358 pages, by 17,000 authors.

Moving Wall of the "Rozhledy matematicko-fyzikální" journal shortened from 24 to 18 months.

Journal "Rozhledy matematicko-fyzikální", volumes 2005-2016 made available with the two-year moving wall (full-texts made available after two years from publishing).

The DOI identifier introduced for backfiles of the major journals in DML-CZ.

Conference proceedings series Aplikace matematiky (Applications of Mathematics) and Nonlinear Analysis, Function Spaces and Applications (NAFSA) made available.

The DML-CZ journal collection was extended with the journal "Aktuárské vědy" (Actuarial Sciences), published in 1930-1948. Digitization of the journal was financed by the project "Interdisciplinary education of junior historians of mathematics" supported by a grant from Norway, contract no. NF-CZ07-ICP-3-237-2015.

Digital archive of Miloš Kössler (1884–1961) made available in the "Eminent Czech mathematicians" collection.

DML-CZ has assumed responsibility for preparing ingestion of the Journal of the European Mathematical Society (JEMS) in the European Digital Mathematics Library (EuDML).

Four new monographic collections of mid-20th century added to DML-CZ: Škola mladých matematiků (School of Young Mathematicians), Cesta k vědění (Path to Knowledge), Brána k vědění (Gate to Knowledge), Kruh (The Ring). The new conference series PANM added.

Digital Archive of prominent Czech mathematician Eduard Čech (1893–1960).

The international association EuDML Initiative established to maintain and develop the European Digital Mathematics Library. For the details see

Digital Archive of prominent Czech mathematician Vojtěch Jarník 1897–1970 (151 works, 4900 pages).

Pokroky matematiky, fyziky a astronomie (Advances of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy), ISSN 0032-2423. Journal published by the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicist since 1956.

The new collection "Z dějin Jednoty českých matematiků a fyziků" [From the history of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists].

The "Dějiny matematiky" collection [History of mathematics] presents 45 books published in period 1993-2010.

Extent of the DML-CZ content has grown to 32.000 articles and 332.000 pages.

New section "Emminent Czech Mathematicians" with the first item "Otakar Borůvka" added (included are 143 works by Otakar Borůvka and 66 works about Otakar Borůvka -- 4000 pages alltogether).

The Institute of Mathematics CAS and the Masaryk University take part in the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme project EuDML to build the European Digital Mathematics Library. The DML-CZ content will be incorporated in the EuDML. The project, partially funded by the EC, started on 1 February 2010, and will last for three years, until 31 January 2013.

The research project DML-CZ was closed (see the final report). The Institute of Mathematics CAS took over the DML-CZ with the responsibility for its maintenance and further development in cooperation with the DML-CZ partners.

Major content upgrade: several new journals and proceedings series extended substantially the content of DML-CZ.
Now, users can get access to more than 25.600 articles (273.000 pages) in 11 journals, 5 proceedings series, and 28 monographs covering substantial part of the scientific mathematical output produced in the Czech Republic over the last 200 years.

New functionality "Similar Articles" added. Similar papers are computed using three different methods (tfidf, Latent Semantic Analysis, Random Projection) from a large corpus of article fulltexts from DML-CZ and NUMDAM.

Two journals (Acta-Ostrava, Acta-Olomouc), several proceedings volumes, and the single-books collection added. Alltogether more than 10.500 articles (108.704 pages) presented in the DML-CZ.

Beta-version of DML-CZ digital library released on the occasion of the "DML-CZ Launch Meeting" (Prague, June 10-12, 2008).

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