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Issue 5,  Volume 28, 1983 (Applications of Mathematics)

Aplikace matematiky (1956-1990)

(317c)-(317f) Summaries of Papers Appearing in this Issue.  
317-329 On optimal replacement policy.  Kasumu, Raimi Ajibola; Lešanovský, Antonín
330-334 A note on the optimal replacement policy.  Lešanovský, Antonín; Pěnička, Petr
335-343 Period doubling bifurcations in a two-box model of the Brusselator.  Klíč, Alois
344-356 Small time-periodic solutions of equations of magnetohydrodynamics as a singularly perturbed problem.  Štědrý, Milan; Vejvoda, Otto
357-363 On the distance polynomial of a graph.  Křivka, Pavel; Trinajstić, Nenad
364-385 Statistical analysis of periodic autoregression.  Anděl, Jiří
386-390 Locally and uniformly best estimators in replicated regression model.  Volaufová, Júlia; Kubáček, Lubomír
391-392 Recenze.  
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