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Issue 5,  Volume 30, 1985 (Applications of Mathematics)

Aplikace matematiky (1956-1990)

(317c)-(317f) Summaries of Papers Appearing in this Issue.  
317-320 Reliability of system with dependent units.  Kasumu, Raimi Ajibola
321-331 On exponential approximation.  Huťa, Anton
332-350 Relative conditional expectations on a logic.  Nánásiová, Oľga; Pulmannová, Sylvia
351-360 Convergence of $L_p$-norms of a matrix.  Stavinoha, Pavel
361-374 Analysis of integral equations attached to skin effect.  Vrkoč, Ivo
375-392 On the optimal control problem governed by the equations of von Kármán. II. Mixed boundary conditions.  Bock, Igor; Hlaváček, Ivan; Lovíšek, Ján
393-395 Recenze.  
396-(396a) News and Notices.  
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