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Issue 1,  Volume 12, 1971 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-13 Régularisation pour les problèmes à opérateurs monotones et la méthode de Galerkin.  Cruceanu, Ştefan
15-17 Schwartz spaces consistent with a duality.  John, Kamil
19-21 Every group is a maximal subgroup of the semigroup of relations.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav
23-31 Concerning almost divisible torsion free abelian groups.  Procházka, Ladislav
33-36 On some classes of point algebras.  Saade, Marshall
37-51 Some fixed point theorems in metric and Banach spaces.  Daneš, Josef
53-59 The lattice of radical filters of a commutative Noetherian ring.  Bican, Ladislav
61-68 Products of quotients and of $k'$-spaces.  Hušek, Miroslav
69-72 On solutions of nonautonomous linear delayed differential equations which are defined and bounded for $t \to - \infty$.  Kurzweil, Jaroslav
73-79 On interpretability in set theories.  Hájek, Petr
81-104 The lattice of bi-numerations of arithmetic. I.  Hájková, Marie
105-115 On problems concerning extension of linear operations on linear spaces.  Charvát, František
117-125 A construction of the projective modification for a closure-set of a presheaf.  Pechanec-Drahoš, Jaroslav
127-141 A remark on the theory of Diophantine approximations.  Diviš, Bohuslav; Novák, Břetislav
143-174 On descriptive classification of set-functors. I.  Trnková, Věra
175-195 Set functors.  Koubek, Václav
197-203 Asymptotic distribution of rank statistics used for multivariate testing symmetry (Preliminary communication).  Hušková, Marie
205-211 The Robin problem in potential theory (Preliminary communication).  Netuka, Ivan
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