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Issue 2,  Volume 17, 1976 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

207-227 Convenient categories for topologists.  Bentley, H. L.; Herrlich, Horst; Robertson, W. A.
229-240 Structure of triabelian quasigroups.  Kepka, Tomáš
241-249 Splitting of pure subgroups.  Bican, Ladislav
251-259 Recognizable filters and ideals.  Benda, Václav; Bendová, Kamila
261-272 A note on closed categories.  Pavelka, Jan
273-279 The spectral radii of an operator and its modulus.  Pták, Vlastimil
281-290 EDZ-varieties: The Schreier property and epimorphisms onto.  Ježek, Jaroslav
291-306 Free uniform measures on subinversion-closed spaces.  Pachl, Jan
307-313 Metric-fine, proximally fine, and locally fine uniform spaces.  Rice, Michael D.
315-334 On the existence of weak solutions for some quasilinear elliptic variational boundary value problems at resonance.  Hetzer, Georg
335-344 Asymptotic expansion and a local limit theorem for the signed Wilcoxon statistic.  Prášková, Zuzana
345-355 A note on test modules.  Bican, Ladislav; Jambor, Pavel; Kepka, Tomáš; Němec, Petr
357-362 О пpодoлжenии гoломopфныx oтoбpaжeний в пpocтранствах Блоха.  L'vovskij, M. N.
363-375 On $L^p$-estimates for solutions of elliptic boundary value problems.  Krbec, Miroslav
377-392 Decompositions of complete $k$-uniform hypergraphs into factors with given diameters.  Tomasta, Pavel
393-397 A matrix inequality.  Thompson, R. C.
399-411 Some fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying Frum-Ketkov conditions.  Schöneberg, Rainald
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