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Issue 4,  Volume 18, 1977 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

623-637 Inductive dimensions for completely regular spaces.  Chigogidze, Alex
639-645 Tolerance relations on complete lattices.  Nieminen, Juhani
647-657 When finely continuous functions are of the first class of Baire.  Lukeš, Jaroslav; Zajíček, Luděk
659-674 $L_f(a,r)$-spaces between which all the operators are compact. I.  De Grande-De Kimpe, Nicole
675-683 Riga $p$-point.  Nešetřil, Jaroslav
685-695 On the space and dual space of functions representable by differences of subharmonic functions.  Cegrell, Urban
697-713 Gebietsinvarianzsatz und Eigenwertaussagen für konzentrierende Abbildungen.  Hahn, Siegfried
715-722 Remark to the characterization of the sphere in $E^4$.  Svoboda, Karel
723-734 Nonlinear equations with linear part at resonance: Variational approach.  Fučík, Svatopluk
735-740 Note to periodic solvability of the boundary value problem for nonlinear heat equation.  Šťastnová, Věnceslava; Fučík, Svatopluk
741-753 Sur la sommabilité de familles de fonctions uniformément continues.  Deaibes, Ali; Pupier, René
755-761 Covering of a space by nowhere dense sets.  Simon, Petr
763-769 The nonabsolute boundedness model of the theory of semisets.  Čuda, Karel
771-775 Spaces with zero set bases.  Wage, Michael L.
777-788 Topological spaces without $\kappa $-accessible diagonal.  Hušek, Miroslav
789-812 On the existence of finite generators for invertible measure-preserving transformations.  Winkelbauer, Karel
813-816 Generalized periodic solutions of nonlinear telegraph equations (Preliminary communication).  Fučík, Svatopluk; Mawhin, Jean
817-821 What to embed into a Cartesian closed topological category (Preliminary communication).  Adámek, Jiří; Koubek, Václav
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