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Issue 2,  Volume 19, 1978 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

213-225 Fixed point theorems of Rothe-type for Frum-Ketkov- and 1-set-contractions.  Buley, H.
227-248 Über äquivalente Normen in Sobolevschen Räumen mit Belegungsfunktion.  Opic, Bohumír
249-264 Graphs with given subgraphs represent all categories. II.  Koubek, Václav
265-279 On the Perron-Frobenius theory for sets of positive operators.  Horák, Karel
281-290 Conditions for local asymptotic normality of experiment sequences.  Volný, Ivan
291-308 End-extensions of countable structures and the induction schema.  Mlček, Josef
309-314 Compactness as ${\cal E}$-pseudocompactness.  Petz, Dénes
315-318 The critical exponent of operators with constrained spectral radius.  Dostál, Zdeněk
319-333 О псевдодифференцируемости равномерно непрерывных конструктивных функций на конструктивных действительных числах.  Demuth, Osvald
335-349 On rough norms on Banach spaces.  John, Kamil; Zizler, Václav E.
351-357 The shape theory for uniform spaces and the shape uniform invariants.  Agaronjan, V.; Smirnov, Ju. M.
359-369 On amalgamation of graphs and essential sets of generators.  Poljak, Svatopluk; Turzík, Daniel
371-381 On a weak Kelley-Morse theory of classes.  Marek, Wiktor V.; Sochor, Antonín
383-388 A somewhat surprising subspace of $\beta {\Bbb N}-{\Bbb N}$.  Simon, Petr
389-401 Distributive Steiner quasigroups of order $3^5$.  Kepka, Tomáš
403-407 Nonlinear perturbations of linear operators having nullspace with strong unique continuation property (Preliminary communication).  Fučík, Svatopluk; Hess, Peter
409-413 On contractive mappings in metric spaces.  Tasković, Milan R.
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