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Issue 1,  Volume 21, 1980 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-9 Congruences generated by filters.  Duda, Jaromír
11-26 A Turing machine oracle hierarchy. I.  Žák, Stanislav
27-39 A Turing machine oracle hierarchy. II.  Žák, Stanislav
41-53 Homeomorphisms of powers of metric spaces.  Trnková, Věra
55-69 Tensor product and quasi-splitting of Abelian groups.  Procházka, Ladislav
71-79 Attractors and a fixed point theorem in locally convex space.  Ko, Hwei Mei; Tan, Kok Keong
81-95 Ideal equivalences for almost real-compact spaces.  Blum, I. E.; Swaminathan, Srinivasa
97-118 Revealments.  Sochor, Antonín; Vopěnka, Petr
119-129 On vector-topological properties of zero-neighbourhoods of topological vector spaces.  Riedrich, Thomas
131-143 On measures of noncompactness in Banach spaces.  Banaś, Józef
145-154 Counterexample to the regularity of weak solution of elliptic systems.  Nečas, Jindřich; John, Oldřich; Stará, Jana
155-160 Remarks on multiple periodic solutions of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.  Drábek, Pavel
161-169 Regular societies without short cycles.  Koubek, Václav; Rajlich, J.
171-192 Extensions of the Shannon entropy to semimetrized measure spaces.  Katětov, Miroslav
193-199 Approximately normal function algebras which are local.  Kotzé, Wesley
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