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Issue 4,  Volume 21, 1980 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

629-644 О свойствах неопределённых конструктивннх интегралов Лебега-Стилтьеса.  Demuth, Osvald; Kmínek, V.
645-652 Periodic solutions of abstract and partial differential equations with deviation.  Vejvoda, Otto; Kopáčková, Marie
653-661 Selections using orderings (non-separable case).  Frolík, Zdeněk; Holický, Petr
663-677 Prime extensions and nearness structures.  Carlson, John W.
679-697 On Liouville theorems, continuity and Hölder continuity of weak solutions to some quasilinear elliptic systems.  Kawohl, Bernhard
699-706 Does ${\bf SP}\ K\supseteq\ {\bf PS}\ K$ imply axiom of choice?.  Andréka, H.; Németi, I.
707-717 Integral representation of $n$-variable positive real functions.  Gregor, Jiří
719-725 Remark on a Newton-Moser type method.  Petzeltová, Hana
727-738 Remarks to a modification of Ramsey-type theorems.  Gavalec, Martin; Vojtáš, Peter
739-747 A note on the splitting length of a finite direct sum of mixed Abelian groups of rank one.  Bican, Ladislav
749-753 A compact Fréchet space whose square is not Fréchet.  Simon, Petr
755-768 Separable mixed groups.  Megibben, Charles K.
769-776 Cardinalities and ranks of $\pi$-bases in topological spaces.  Biryukov, Petr A.
777-794 On the embedding theorem.  Le Van Hot
795-803 A note on $p$-adic completion of torsion-free abelian groups.  Procházka, Ladislav
805-823 On the existence of solution of the equation $L(x) = N(x)$ and a generalized coincidence degree theory. I.  Tarafdar, Enayat
825-830 Correction to “Extensions of the Shannon entropy to semimetrized measure spaces”.  Katětov, Miroslav
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