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Issue 1,  Volume 28, 1987 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-5 On weakly uniformly rotund spaces.  Hamhalter, Jan
7-14 Large trees in random graphs.  Kučera, Luděk; Rödl, Vojtěch
15-21 On balancing of hypergraphs.  Witzany, Jiří
23-31 Remarks concerning J. Witte's theorem and its applications.  Banaś, Józef; Rivero, Jesus
33-41 Periodic solutions to second order differential equations of Liénard type with jumping nonlinearities.  Fonda, Alessandro; Zanolin, Fabio
43-61 A contribution to topology in AST: Compactness.  Čuda, Karel
63-69 Some remarks on revealness.  Tzouvaras, Athanossios
71-84 A notion of semigenericity.  Demuth, Osvald
85-94 Remarks on 1-genericity, semigenericity and related concepts.  Demuth, Osvald; Kučera, Antonín
95-102 Interior regularity for the quasilinear elliptic systems with nonsmooth coefficients.  Kottas, Jiří
103-109 Liouville type condition and the interior regularity of quasilinear parabolic system (the case of BMO-solutions).  Stará, Jana; Daněček, Josef; John, Oldřich
111-126 Linear functionals in SLM-spaces.  Michálek, J.
127-135 Dimension stable posets.  Comer, Stephen D.
137-139 Closed copies of the rationals.  van Douwen, Eric K.
141-155 On the Dirichlet problem for a degenerate elliptic equation.  Chabrowski, Jan H.
157-163 “Hidden variables” on concrete logics (extensions).  Pták, Pavel
165-171 On the structure of commuting isometries.  Horák, Karel; Müller, Vladimír
173-183 Set-theoretic characteristics of summability of sequences and convergence of series.  Vojtáš, Peter
185-189 On a certain class of multidigraphs, for which reversal of no arc decreases the number of their cycles.  Jirásek, Jozef
191-192 On multivalued and singlevalued accretive mappings.  Kolomý, Josef
192-193 Minimal convex-valued weak USCO correspondences.  Jokl, Luděk
195 On estimating the diffusion coefficient [Abstract of thesis].  Dohnal, Gejza
195 Model and method for analysis of categorical data with relations [Abstract of thesis].  Řeháková, Blanka
195-196 Die Optimalisation und die numerische Analyse der Reaktorsysteme.  Špůr, Václav
196 Moment problem and its application [Abstract of thesis].  Beneš, Viktor
196-197 Fine localization in potential theory [Abstract of thesis].  Malý, Jan
197-198 Some aspects of convex analysis and the theory of Asplund spaces [Abstract of thesis].  Jokl, Luděk
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