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non-holonomic jets and connections; semi-holonomic jets and connections; higher order relative; straight and Cartan connections
A Cartan connection associated with a pair $P(M,G^{\prime })\subset P(M,G)$ is defined in the usual manner except that only the injectivity of $\omega :T(P^{\prime })\rightarrow T(G)_{e}$ is required. For an $r$-th order connection associated with a bundle morphism $\Phi :P^{\prime }\rightarrow P$ the concept of Cartan order $q\le r$ is defined, which for $q=r=1, \Phi :P^{\prime }\subset P$, and $\dim {M}=\dim {G/G^{\prime }}$ coincides with the classical definition. Results are obtained concerning the Cartan order of $r$-th order connections that are the product of $r$ first order (Cartan) connections.
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