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Issue 1,  Volume 37, 2001 (Archivum Mathematicum)

1-8 Coupled fixed points of mixed monotone operators on probabilistic Banach spaces.  Beg, Ismat; Latif, Abdul; Ali, Rashid; Azam, Akbar
9-23 Existence of extremal periodic solutions for nonlinear evolution inclusions.  Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.; Yannakakis, Nikolaos
25-31 On Neumann elliptic problems with discontinuous nonlinearities.  Halidias, Nikolaos
33-38 On oscillatory linear differential equations of third order.  Parhi, N.; Padhi, Seshadev
39-44 Almost continuity vs closure continuity.  Saleemi, B. A.; Shahzad, N.; Alghamdi, M. A.
45-55 Inner amenability of Lau algebras.  Nasr-Isfahani, R.
57-62 On quadratically integrable solutions of the second order linear equation.  Chantladze, T.; Kandelaki, N.; Lomtatidze, A.
63-70 Nonzero and positive solutions of a superlinear elliptic system.  Zuluaga, Mario
71-75 A result on best approximation in $p$-normed spaces.  Latif, Abdul
77-80 The valuated ring of the arithmetical functions as a power series ring.  Schwab, Emil D.; Silberberg, Gheorghe
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